ELM327.EU sells ELM327 OBD2 diagnostic interfaces for a very low price!

ELM327.EU has an ELM327 interface USB, an ELM327 interface Bluetooth and an ELM327 interface WiFi.
All of them can be used with all cars with OBDII/OBD2/EOBD.
(EU: petrol cars from 2001 and diesel cars from 2004, some manufacturers started before these dates.)

Using the ELM327 interface USB it is possibe to connect your car with OBDII/OBD2/EOBD to your laptop or computer.

The ELM327 interface Bluetooth can establish a connection between the EOBD/OBD2/OBDII connector in the car and a device suitable for Bluetooth.
For Android phones there is free software available at Google Play.

The ELM327 interface WiFi is capable of connecting your car with an iPhone or iPad.
Software (e.g. Rev) can be obtained at the iTunes App Store.

The ELM327 interface Bluetooth or Wifi enable you to connect your car even to a smartphone or tablet! Even on the road.

Save on expensive computer readout in the repair shop and buy an ELM327 interface! At ELM327.EU the cost is less than one readout at the repair shop!
Read the errors of your car with the ELM327 interface and repair it yourself.
Or read your car with the ELM327 interface before you go to the repair shop.
Or clear the errors after the car was repaired in the shop to prevent them from repairing the same thing twice!

Tip: If there are many errors in the computer, check the car for loose connectors, clear the errors and see what error comes back.